Betty McCoo and the Highland Fling


Betty McCoo is everybody’s favourite auntie, a real disco diva who dreams of becoming a star. She loves to sing, but when she enters a talent show at Glasgow’s famous King’s Theatre, she gets a terrible attack of the jitters! Luckily for Betty, the fun-loving McCoo family is there to support her and save the day!

Our small, but perfectly formed publishing house, NaeBother, was recently formed to wholly focus on creating beautiful, digitally-illustrated books to inspire literacy and creativity in Scottish schools. Each book partners with a Scottish cultural landmark, or national treasure. This creates real pride in Scottish schoolchildren, and promotes Scotland to an international market in a hugely positive way.

Each book we create, now and in the future, links to outcomes in the Curriculum for Excellence. In March 2020, the series will be accompanied by a specially designed and formally tested curricular topic, with lesson ideas for schools. NaeBother also have plans for partnerships in the private sector, bolstering learning for pupils of primary age in many different ways.

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