About NaeBother

Naebother is a new Scottish publisher, founded in 2019 by author Shirley Husband and illustrator Maurice Hynds.

Our aim is to kick-start literacy, creativity and confidence in young learners with engaging characters, joyful rhyme, stunning digital illustration, and a magical splash of Scottish self-confidence. 

Our first series of books, ‘The McCoo Family’, is inspired by the iconic rainbow-coloured ‘McCoo’ paintings, and has recently been successfully adopted in schools as a curricular topic for Early Years Literacy.

It’s creating a huge buzz among children, teachers and parents, and showcases the best of Scotland to an international market, featuring cultural gems and national treasures to be proud of. 

We’re committed to working in schools to tell stories, help children write their own, and open up the unique possibilities of their personalities and creativity.

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